Dress the part

Events are bound to pop up: weddings, cocktail parties, galas, special birthdays, engagements, baby showers, new years, your second cousin twice removed’s baby shower – the list goes on. And while you don’t always want to wear the same outfit, it can become extremely expensive to start buying dresses for every event you attend, especially when your events err on the side of galas and black tie.

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Goodbye to The Parthenon

Last night while walking through Greektown, my boyfriend and I stumbled by The Parthenon. What was once a popular, crowded restaurant – and a favorite of my family’s – was dark. I’d always remembered them being open late, and it was only just approaching 10pm, so I was a bit confused.

We walked over to the main door to see if they had changed their hours, but were instead greeted by a piece of printer paper in the window that read,

“Dear Valuable Customer,

After over 48 years in business we are sad to inform you that we are permanently closed.

We want to thank you for your support over the years and for the wonderful memories!”

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El Che Bar

If La Sirena Clandestina is the sultry date night spot of the West Loop, then El Che Bar is its sexy younger sister. A new addition to the West Loop, it combines fabulous cocktails, mouth-watering food, and delicious desserts together in an atmosphere matched by few.

A new edition to the West Loop, El Che Bar opened on August 1, 2016. Despite being only about 3 weeks one when I had the opportunity to dine there, it already operated like a well-oiled machine—something many restaurants struggle with for months, and something many restaurants never seem to achieve.

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h20 (no)

When doing any kind of exercise hydration is key. Let’s face it: even when you’re not overly active hydration is key. But what happens when you’re trying to live an extremely active lifestyle and hate water? You have to learn some tips.

I happen to be one of those water haters. I’ve been known to go days in the past without drinking any. I would even take Gatorade to the gym to avoid water there. Even before I started training for my marathon I knew this needed to change, but it has become especially important in recent months. Here are a few tricks I’ve tried to help me drink more water throughout the day: Continue reading “h20 (no)”

Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

Happy national soft serve day! As an ice cream aficionado I absolutely could not skip this holiday. In fact, I skipped my long run after work to go get some soft serve with my coworkers (Ok I just rearranged my long run to Sunday, but still. Priorities.).

Being as I’m fairly new to the West Loop neighborhood and have yet to scope out all the ice cream shops I had to do some research. And by research I mean Googling “Best soft serve West Loop Chicago” and seeing what came up. The first thing: Cone Gourmet Ice Cream.

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Night at the Museum (I mean park)

The movies in the park (and concerts, workouts, etc.) are some of my favorite things about summer in Chicago. They’re a perfect excuse to pack a picnic, grab some friends and head outside to enjoy a free night of entertainment. I admit that I have slacked a lot this summer at making it to these events, so when I saw that the West Loop was having their final movie of the summer I knew I had to check it out.

In the days leading up to it I began to worry. A series of showers had been plaguing the city, and the last thing I wanted was for the movie to get rained out. Luckily, on Tuesday evening, the skies clear, the humidity dropped and the evening turned into one of those nights that you cannot waste indoors. And I had the perfect excuse not to.

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La Sirena Clandestina – the hidden mermaid

The moment I moved within walking distance of La Sirena Clandestina I know I (I mean my bank account) was in trouble. La Sirena has been a favorite of mine ever since the first time I tried it, and quickly become my boyfriend and my go-to special occasion spot. We saved it for birthdays and anniversary dinners, but quickly changed that by “celebrating” my move in day and having gone back since.

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